Kęstutis Gabšys (born 31 May, 1978) is a Lithunian and Klaipėda city politician. He belongs to new generation of politician’s, who has very weak relation with soviet system.Gabšys has been involved in politics since ten years old. He campaigned for Sąjūdis movement candidate MS Zita Šličytė in first semi-free election in Soviet Union.When he become an adult person he joined Homeland union (Lithuanian conservatives) and Young conservative League (JKL). After year he received various positions in Homeland union Klaipėda branch.He was enlisted to conservatives candidate list in local elections at 2000, but ended in defeat. As well he was defeated in 2002 municipal election.During interim period between municipal elections he worked for various conservatives candidates in parliamentary elections, specializing in campaign management, public speaking and communication.In 2005 he joined a team with Naglis Puteikis, newly elected chairman of local conservatives and together they started a conservative rebuilding project in Klaipėda.Kęstutis Gabšys worked as campaign manager and spokesman for local conservative branch.During municipal elections in 2007 he was elected to Klaipėda city council.EducationIn 1996 Kęstutis Gabšys graduated M.Mažvydas secondary school in Klaipėda. After secondary school he entered a Klaipėda university and received B.A. degree in political science. During studies he decided to acquire new profession and he joined Klaipėda Agriculture College. After 4 years of external studies he received a degree in accounting and finance.In period between 2000 and 2002 he studied in Klaipėda University and received M.A. degree in Political theory.Political agendaIn city council Kęstutis is advocating for reforms in city administration, strong law enforcement ir local public life.Kęstutis Gabšys belongs to Roman Catholic ChurchHobbies and interestsKęstutis is interested in Western and Lithuanian classical literature and computers. He belongs to “bloger” community and consults people and corporations in internet communication

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